2 years out…

So we had the huge talk yesterday…the “third year is starting in three months, and here is your possible schedules, and here is the twenty hoops you have to jump through, and by the way you have a really hard test coming up along with 3 weeks of finals, but all this stuff is due before you take them…kthanks.”

Oh med school…you crazy rascal. (always wanted to say that…bear with me.)  Long story short, I have to rank 24 different schedules, take a couple surveys, report on why I want the order the way I do…and then be thrown into an algorithm that really doesn’t care. All this while studying for the hardest exam of my life, and deal with all those finals, and have a social life. Piece of cake. 😉

But all this means…change!!! Clinicals, patients, long hours, attendings, an actual schedule I have to stick to…SCARY stuff, but well wanted. It is time to get out of the classroom and do some real learning. Practical stuff, ya know.

Planning a gaycay after the dreaded test. Having fun in the meantime…(softball tomorrow?!?–this gay can play, okay?) Staying upbeat, and rocking it out. And I am only two years out…from being a doc. 🙂 WOOO!


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