Shamrock’ed Out

Great, ahhmazing weekend. ATX, SXSW craziness, St. Patty’s, and my first gaycay with the Jbug. Saw old friends, made new ones, and pushed my body to its caloric breaking point (again). 🙂

Austin is definitely a residency choice in the future. Love the atmosphere, the people, the urban pedestrian culture, the music…not to hot for the traffic, but overall loved the place. I had forgotten how much I loved it. 🙂

And as far as the sporadic craziness/impromptu party day to “making it fit,” showing my muscles by giving directions to just getting to hold my guy with new and old friends–this weekend was awesome– kolaches and Ranger cookies to HopDoddy’s and the (12+) bars I tried, not bad for the first getaway. I do wonder if that girl wants her Irish flag back, though…

Anyway…it is back to the grind…

Monday has to be Latin for “sucky day–get ready for blah.” Trying to focus on school and STEP…and rocking out the best I know how 😉

And because I know you are probably reading this…I miss you 🙂 And I can’t keep admiring you for the cute ideas and sweet things you do for people (e.g the mugs.). Thanks for the great weekend Austin…and my babe. 🙂



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