Tuckered Out

So I just finished up Spring Break–a much needed week of sleep, relaxation, and doing nothing but hanging with the boy. 🙂 Good week, for sure. Now that school is back, I feel all tired and whatnot. The break with the time change and this undying want to just go play is making studying hard. I AM TRYING, though.

I realized today that I’m basically two to three months from taking the hardest test of my life and starting a new chapter in my medical education/life. It is exciting, nerve-wracking, and scary. I’m totally ready for the change, though. 🙂 I just need to buckle down and do what I need to…and get past this fear of that damn test. I am getting better at balancing life, and school, and Step studying–reminds me of the UNT Presidency…Pulled in all directions, but staying grounded and happy. Absolutely love the progress that is happening, and what the future holds. Yet I am definitely living in the present and day-to-day awesomeness.

Other than that…life is great. Wonderful relationship with an amazing guy–everyday shows me how right it is–loving the process of getting to know him more, and sharing our awesome lives. Future is definitely looking bright, and I can tell that I am better person because of him. 🙂 My friends are rockstars, my family is working hard and loving and missing me. And my dreams are within reach with every passing day. And oh boy, do I laugh…a lot. My health is better, and even with the day to day muck, I honestly have no complaints.

So I am gonna try to be better at keeping up with this…hopefully people will read. 🙂 And soon I will have all sorts of crazy stories. And although I may feel tuckered out, I wouldn’t change anything. 🙂


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