Getting it out…

Welcome to the first post! I’m not sure what the blog is about, or what direction it will head in–but I want it to be cathartic and fun for me, and inspiring and knowledgeable for you. I’m a second year medical student, struggling to stay afloat in school while continuously trying to maintain some semblance of a social life (so I have plenty of time for a blog, obviously.)

So let’s set the mood.  Tests are in two weeks; Valentine’s Day is tomorrow; Step I is in a few months; I live far from my hometown and ranch, and miss my family like crazy; I have a lot of wonderful, amazing people in my life, including a great guy (get it???? the doctor is OUT???), and life is overall pretty amazing, even when it sucks. I’m doing this instead of homework. Oh, and it is currently raining, while I sit in a SB.

Okay, so you kinda get a glimpse of where I am. And why I would really kind of like to pause life right now. Not permanently–just a kind of “hold on guys, let me stop and catch my breath–we just ran 30 miles” kind of pause. Medical school is hard. Grueling. Difficult. And I have been doing it for two years. This guy is tired! 🙂  The real issue also centers around a lack of understanding about the sacrifices it takes to become a competent physician, the choices and decisions we have to make in lieu of our family, friends, and yes, sometimes, hygiene. “No I can’t spend the day shopping with you–I have to figure out the difference between pseudohypothyroidism and pseudopseudohypothyroidism.” By the way, I did. Throw in all the political discourse about healthcare in this country, and you have a conundrum of “Should have I stayed on that tractor and kept plowing?”  It is really hard to find motivation to keep going sometimes, especially when there is no way to…like I said…just pause life. Especially, as we watch others pass merrily along with their free time, well-rested, smiling faces, and their showering. But I and the thousands of other medical students across this country continue on. And on. And on. We “just keep swimming.”

On top of it all, this past year has been a difficult one for me–life stuff, school stuff, deaths, and so on. It has really piled up. I can honestly say that I have seen growth in myself this past year–you know it has been tough when you can actually see change in yourself that occurred without trying. But alas…no downer moments, just trying to let you have a little glimpse into me, before we embark on this little blogging adventure.

I promise awesome medical/life interaction stories, pictures, and maybe a little humor–maybe. And I thank you for letting me get it out…Here we go!!!

Accurate portrayal of how others view us...

One thought on “Getting it out…

  1. Just found your blog. I’m a former med student from UT Houston. No finishing residency in NJ in OB/GYN. Good luck with steps!

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